Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Nexus Productions Ltd

Nexus Productions is a London based company that has a collection of highly talented directors only some of whose work I have been able to sample. However for what it’s worth here’s the results of a quick trawl through their website. Driving one of their machines myself I had to look at the commercial for Honda set on a factory conveyor belt. The workers are stamping out the word “OK” when the manager sneezes and the words change. OK is clearly not good enough. Satoshi Tomioka’s animated commercial is “Excellent” though that’s not the word. Johanna Andersson’s plug for MTV is a bootcamp with the familiar chant and her catchy trailer for Big Brother 2006 is set funnily enough on a house with rather invasive binoculars. My favourite however is the classic Jim le Fevre's commercial for Quality English Beef (and Lamb) which has “my dear old thing” Henry Blofeld commentating as Ian Botham and Allan Lamb are attempting to eat their dinner as a streaker invades their conservatory. A word too for the quality of the site as unlike some studios I won’t mention Nexus allow free access to their work and their site is a joy to navigate.

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