Monday, 28 May 2007

"A Rhythm of Lines", Tae Joon Park "The Longest Date"& Stephanie Sim "The Story Tree"

The advertising agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty has a new commercial for the Audi A5. It takes the form of an animated swirl of lines that eventually form the outline of the car. The classical piano music and the soft blues and greys of the lines flow along like some glorious vapour trail in the skies, with the "camera" turning and twisting and the background changing to cream and light purple. You could go Visit4info for the full download although you have to register and pay; alternatively go to YouTube to view it - as with so many of the videos nowadays. Alternatively enjoy this product of the Vancouver Film School, “The Longest Date”, as a wonderful soldier has a mission in the cinema with his girlfriend that is more than a match for him. Or you may prefer "The Story Tree" by Stephanie Sim. This won the award for "Best Classical or Stop Motion Animation" at Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts (CAEAA), for 2006.Stephanie's short animation has a boy swinging on a tree in which magic is being created.

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