Thursday, 17 May 2007

Sporting Squares and Mark Craste's "Bag of Smiles" wins Golden Statue at Clio Awards

Here is a treat I think is going to become a classic or, to be more exact, classics. Studio Aka has created a series of hilarious animated shorts for QOOBtv. Grant Orchard uses simple squares to create works of art, often viewed from different perspectives. For example we look down on a greyhound stadium, see the squares assemble for the start and chase the grey square that happens to be the hare; the race then turns into a warzone. The animations are deceptively simple. Go and enjoy the fun.
Congratulations to one of our favourite Studio Aka directors, Mark Craste, and his lovely commercial for "The National Lottery". "Bag of Smiles" was always going to be rewarded. View it here. You can see the other winners at the Clip Awards site.
Do enjoy our latest movie to be placed on the school site, another by Carl Drayton whose Big Brother is our featured animation of the week. It is quite compelling. I wrote in the website preamble that it is about our surveillance society, which it is, but it also concerns itself with population growth. If all this sounds a bit heavy it isn't. I use the word "compelling" to encapsulate the vibrancy of it all.

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Tony J said...

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