Thursday, 3 May 2007

"Tower of Grantville" Buck & Nexus Productions' "Honda Commercial"

Some of the finest talents in animation work in the advertising industry. Buck is a motion/graphics company based in Los Angeles. One of their current projects is for "Scion", a division of Toyota. The company was given an unusual commission, essentially to draw attention to a website and game set up especially for the promotion. The result is a spectacular movie with all sorts of science fictiony effects and an old man with a square head, Tower of Grantville. The company says it is inspired by the zany Dr Seuss cartoonist, largely equated in my own mind with “The Cat in the Hat”. Enjoy the movie and then be directed to the contest, a very interesting and well executed game, sadly not open to UK residents, in which one can win a host of prizes including a Scion car. Talking of cars, the campaign would have to go some to beat that for the Honda Diesel produced by the London based Nexus Productions, currently celebrating their 10th anniversary. Their site is a treasure trove of top quality work into which I shall be dipping with my classes in the not too distant future (for their new examination topic.) Their ad for Honda can't have been too bad - I went and bought the car.



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I actually find that particular commercial amusing. It's very interesting to know who's responsible behind the scenes.

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If you have a really strong creative team that can come up with catchy concepts, you can do away with A-list celebrity appearances.