Saturday, 9 June 2007

Andrei Bakhurin “The Black and White"

The 6th Torino Flash Festival awarded first prize to the Russian animator Andrei Bakhurin. He is from the very talented stable of animators whose work is presented on All their work is distinctive and often macabre. I love the muted colours and the touches of dark humour that permeate their animations. They are peopled by strange creations set in distorted perspectives and landscapes. For my British eyes there is something mysterious, atmospheric and different about them. The winning movie “The Black and White” is typical in this respect. What goes on behind the ticking clock and intensity of the chess players? Here the contestants' dark world of misdeeds and slaughter are revealed as the chessboard comes alive. There is a humour here, no doubt of that. The Queen plants a bright red rose into the skull of one of her supporters - perhaps the Rook - and the poor guy is unable to manouvre his hands to extract it due to his bulky build and the placement of his arms. Then there is the pram that is released when the nurse is slaughtered and careers out of control onto the battlefield (board). There is, of course, a sting in the tail as, if I remember my chess sufficiently well, sacrifices and deception are all part of the game. Gory business chess.
Good news. Joey Jones has been in touch about his interview with Gareth Bowden. "Little Red Plane" just oozes quality and he is a thoroughly nice guy as well. We are presently busy at school installing new computers and server so the website has had to wait a bit for the updates that are there waiting, including three interviews and some new movies by our talented year 10 students. This blog is more immediate thankfully.

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