Saturday, 2 June 2007

"Calvin and the Dragon" by Ben Alexander and Nils Gleissenberger

Ben Alexander and Nils Gleissenberger are two students at Monash University, Melbourne, whose three minute movie "Calvin and the Dragon" is an exciting version of St George and the Dragon set in a castle. The story is simple: boy knight advances on dragon's secret treasure trove when dragon arrives like some kind of armoured tank, bulldozing through the walls. There then ensues a battle royal with a kind of cliff-hanging conclusion. It's all done to some heavy metal music and is in vibrant 3D. You can download the movie at the guys' website: Interestingly for our own students the site includes all sorts of information showing how the movie developed including the original storyboards. There is even some of their own merchandise on offer and I like their site logo. There are scenes here that are extraordinary such as the moment when the dragon launches his vapour and the knight's shield is reddened.

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