Monday, 11 June 2007

“CN Rail” Cuppa Coffee Studios

Our new coursework is to create a commercial for television. Easy? Although it may be short it has to be right. I hit upon this from Toronto based Cuppa Coffee Studios. Their advertising for “CN Rail” is a nice one to choose because it has all the ingredients one might hope for. Against a red background emerges a train with headlights on. Tilting perspectives, abstract but precise use of scenery, clever use of the rail track repeated in varying guises throughout the advert, a rich dynamic narrator's voice and two lovely details where a rotating saw slices a block of colour into segments and a furnace delivers streams of molten metal into channels that eventually form a network around North America. All this and the basic image of the train delivering the goods. This is a commercial that should appeal to my students and give them ideas. This is the second time I have featured the studio (18th May) so thanks. I also like, by the way, their ad for Coca Cola, “Fall”, with its carnival atmosphere and colourful use of text and a collage of images.

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