Sunday, 24 June 2007

Dancing Diablo

Dancing Diablo is a creative studio founded in 2002 and based in Brooklyn, New York. If yesterday's offering was subtle colour, Dancing Diablo's website is vibrant and a bright red, as befits the name - but there again it is the advertising industry and if you are pushing products like Crest Citrus Splash you expect a splash of orange, or zest in their award winning animation for Oxygen Network. Their output is very varied however. Rosa Negra has atmospheric Latin music and a climbing rose reaching into New York's skyscrapers, their Sesame Workshop "Get up and Grow" features some lovely pastel animations of a young girl tending her plant (which repays the kindness) and a similar pastel treatment is given to the story of Joe and Viv who burn some cheese in "Between the Lions". And you have to admit the studio's name has a bit of verve and sparkle about it.
Sabine Hitier, by the way, informs me she is hoping to create a series of animations in similar vein to "Petit à petit" for television, Peter Lacalamita has agreed to be interviewed by Sam Baines, and I've had no time to post the excellent interview with Davide Ragona and Davide Saraceno. That's for early next week now, sorry.

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