Thursday, 21 June 2007

Davide Ragona and Davide Saraceno "A Brand New Psycho" & Ilias Sounas

Davide Ragona and Davide Saraceno are two highly talented animators whose 2004 work "A Brand New Psycho" is genuinely exciting. Cameron Ivey-Drayton has been successful in obtaining a very revealing interview with the two guys that I shall post here at the weekend. They have also sent me some images of their work, past and present which I shall also attach. It is a tale of a pursuit in the underground, surrounded by cameras. I like their method of working: black pencil against a white background, and all sorts of strange perspectives to build up the tension. My students have also enjoyed the music. The estimable Bitfilm Festival website of of that year ( describes it thus: "The Flesh Puppet walks on the edge of the Western Metropolis’ naked nerves – an escape from police control and new terrorism psychosis." I suppose this is helpful particularly the word "psychosis". Whatever, we'll see how Davide + Davide explain it. (We asked the questions!) You can watch the movie and prepare for the interview via the following link. (
I also had a reply to my email from Ilias Sounas, Design+Motion Illustrator, Flash Animator and Chief Editor of "Grafistas + web design" magazine. I featured his work on 7th June. Illias is far better at English than I am at Greek and he's a nice guy. His description of his work constitutes an interview of sorts:
"As you saw in my website my illustrations are mainly female figures with striking colours and elements of nature. But my animations have another purpose. I try to create simple short films yet quite allegorical with very strong messages involving human feelings and unexpected end points influenced purely by ancient Greek philosophy. And music is a considerable factor since it should always contribute to the overall mood."
Check up on his work because he has real talent and a pretty snazzy website:

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