Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Elanna Allen "Bing Can Sing" & "Pass the Pinha"

Freshly Squeezed Productions is another of those names for an animation company that just hits the spot. I can vouch that one 30 month old toddler loved my two suggested animations by Elanna Allen, who founded the company in 2005. The animations are aimed at the 2-5 market and thus should be perfect for my own students. They are simple and cute with lots of repetition and tweets. I think you should enjoy "Bing Can Sing" first as this introduces the characters straight from the egg and then, whilst you figure out what a pinha tastes like (Brazilian fruit), watch the hatchlings pass the parcel, sorry, pinha. The music in both cases is catchy in a rhythmic (and potentially irritating) way though I personally love the Samba. If you want to know more about Elanna read Mrs Polman's school report. By following up the link you can see some lovely and varied illustrations and, naturally, child-centred art predominates. There are other animations on the site though my internet connection seemed to have a hitch here, albeit it was fine for the cute character illustrations that appeal to warm hearted kids everywhere. Well, my granddaughter and me.

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