Monday, 25 June 2007

Flight Demo "Virgin Galactic:Project Genesis"

This is an animation, or rather flight simulation, that will appeal to my students. Listen to the voice of Richard Branson describe “the Virgin Experience” and then enjoy the journey itself in “Let the Journey Begin”. There are also some super images on the site from Brian Binnie. The whole site is a swish affair and I guess Branson tends to deliver what he says he will. However the real treasure is on the Pixel Liberation Front's Superman Returns – Flight Demo. Here you see the full simulated experience of travelling into space. If it were all simulated I'd be the first to fly into space. Even if I were the multi-millionaire I doubt whether or not I would climb into the real thing. In fact I'll be stronger than that: multi-millions wouldn't persuade me in. PLF is a Californian company based in Venice. Their portfolio includes work on Matrix Reloaded and Spiderman so we are talking animation superstars here but Branson is ... well, British!
And thanks to Darren Price whose interview with Jack Whitmore about “Potapych, The Bear Who Loved Vodka” came through today. It's a detailed article and all the more welcome because Darren is a busy man in the advertising industry. He has some interesting things to say.

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