Monday, 4 June 2007

Goo-Shun Wang "Hallucii" & Dik Jarman "Dad's Clock"

Our last Controlled Test animation was on the theme of Mobius Strip, a continous loop from which there is no escape. Well Goo-Shun Wang has taken this concept and demonstrated just what may ensue when a person drinks too much, especially on a rather complex network of stairs. "Hallucii" lasts about 3.5 minutes and is a visual pleasure for anyone who likes mazes or puzzles. Goo-Shun is a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York. A word of praise too for the music composed by Wei-San Hsu and played most delightfully on the clarinet by Ti Huang. For those of our students who ask about software it was created using Photoshop, Maya, and Adobe AfterEffects. This is a very clever movie and possessing of a most interesting twist at the end. I am delighted also by the website which has information and screenshots:
As some of my departing year 11 students have expressed an interest in conducting an interview (after their examinations) may I point out Goo-Shun Wang as highly suitable!
And on the subject of interviews Dik Jarman has responded to Adam Fadra's request and his detailed replies to Adam's probing questions will be posted here soon, certainly by the weekend. Dik created one of the most moving and complex animated movies I have seen in a tribute to his father. "Dad's Clock" tells the story of his father's last days as he constructs a clock lovingly made out of wood. I count our students most fortunate to have obtained such a response from a very busy and talented man - Dik is an architect. In making the movie he made 22,000 images and over 1000 moving pieces. You can view his movie via the following link to Zed CBC Television and I promise you a distinctive, utterly personal experience.

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