Thursday, 7 June 2007

Ilias Sounas "Circle of Life" & "Space Alone"

Ilias Sounas is a Greek animator and illustrator who uses Flash in an distinctive manner. His animation “Circle of Life” won the Realtime Film Festival last year. The background is turquoise and the figure of the boy (and then man) striding through life is obviously cartoony. Yet the use of symbols, simple graphics and text that float onto the stage is classy. Space Alone is his latest work and is a story of an astronaut sent to find life on a planet or moon. He does but then realises how much he needs a companion rather than travelling the stars alone. Some of the visual perspectives Ilias uses are pleasing such as the use of split screens and the tilted landscapes. I also like the colour schemes with its soft blues of space. He did not win the top award at the 6th Torino Flash Festival about which I had intended to write (still do) but I like his work very much. So much in fact that I have been distracted. His animation work has the clarity of really crafted work. Ilias has his own blog - from which we discover he is an illustrator, 2D Animator and chief editor of "Grafistas+web design" magazine. His website is where you can see all his work. His illustrations are lovely and bright. But then, so is Greece!

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