Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Kim Robson "Carbon Footprint"

"Carbon Footprint" by Kim Robson is part of Derby University's 2007 Degree Show, "First Flight". I understand it is their first such venture. Well they should do more. There is much to enjoy in their first show and a depth of talent is represented here both in illustration and animation. I do like Kim’s work however. The idea is simple but, as the best ideas always are, very effective: small footprints in the snow develop into great bootmarks in the land under the impact of global warming. Lovely pastoral scenes sweep before us as our golden earth is endangered, ravaged and ruined by industrialisation. Kim has primarily used Adobe After Effects and the sumptuous use of 3D as the viewer sweeps through the trees and fields of wheat is a joy to behold. The illustrations are delicate and beautiful both. Look out for Kim's work in the various animation competitions and festivals. Kim, by the way, is one of South Axholme's ex-students and we are delighted with her progress. Another of her school year is also at Derby and Laura Carter's children's book “War Games” is very appealing though the image size precludes a full study.

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