Saturday, 30 June 2007

Matt Abbiss "Bus Stop"

Almost a month ago to the day I recommended Invasion by Matt Abbiss. Exploring Sherbet's site (yesterday's post) I discovered where Matt resides. His Bus Stop is classy. In similar fashion to Invasion it is sketched black on white but is a simple tale of a man (and companion) standing at a bus stop complete with brolly that comes in very useful for fending off everything from rain to bombs. Nothing deep about it but clever, with a confident pen stroke. Frame by frame animation works well in both cases. You might also enjoy Poor God though I could not get it to play very well. Play on the other hand did play, as two characters cavort about though one not half so good as the other. Matt evidently attended the University of Teeside where somewhere in the vault is a copy of his Open Your Mind which I have been unable to find, sadly.
Tomorrow I shall post a really interesting interview with Darren Price of Nexus. Jack Whitmore posed some thoughtful questions not only about Darren's personal animation project but also the work of a leading animation studio and the opportunities and challenges involved. And Darren has answered honestly and in detail. For those interested in the industry (and increasingly my students are) it's a good read.

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