Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Matt Andrews

I was led to the 2007 reel for New York based motion graphics artist, Matt Andrews, through the excellent animation blog, no fat clips, and its review of his promotional piece for the USA men’s fashion site There are many styles of animation and this short piece by Matt features a finely drawn image of a wolf over which are superimposed (and very smooth) subdued olives, blacks and white. Bits and pieces drift like leaves or, to be more accurate, blobs of oil on water. It’s all very atmospheric. I’m not sure what it told me of the fashions on offer, but then having visited the G13 brand site I’m not entirely sure what is on offer. But it is certainly stylish. Matt's “silky black reel” is accomplished and a distinctive vehicle for his talent. Visit By the way, and its fashions are too young for me, I know someone in my family who swears by the website for He tells me it is a model for website design and home shopping. What they need however is a good animator to jazz up their site. Then I can feature it.

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