Thursday, 14 June 2007

Peter Lacalamita “Moonstruck”

Peter Lacalamita’s 2002 award winning movie Moonstruck has been the staple diet of the Year 10 course here for four years. There is much about it on our school website but for the uninitiated this Canadian illustrator animation may be summarised thus: Peter Lacalamita’s hero is a man who lives in a sun. He is alone and searches the remoteness of space for a partner. Suddenly he spies what he thinks is a reclining woman on a passing moon and decides to make a literal leap into space, landing with a thump only to discover the “girl” is not what she seems. Set in beautiful, if lonely, space with vibrant blue and orange, it is very moving, particularly the closing sequence. His website ( has some funny, more traditional cartoon series such as Drusilla Drake, an incompetent James Bond, or a one-off "The Showdown" about a gunfight with a cow. I have to say however that Moonstruck is just that bit different to the norm. Click on the "Illustration" section of the site however and one is quickly aware of his supreme talent as a commercial artist. His drawings have a bold and confident appeal.

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