Saturday, 23 June 2007

Sabine Hitier "Petit à petit"

"Petit à petit" by Sabine Hitier is a magical film for children (of all ages.) It is about a young girl who befriends a caterpillar. The companionship the insect provides and the adventures they enjoy together is the basis of this utterly charming 2D animation. It is simply adorable. For instance the pair float amongst clouds like thistle seeds until they alight on a floating story book with the tree in the illustration upright like a pop-up. Or the moment when the caterpillar sucks fruit juice from a straw and we see the colours course through its semi-transparent body. But perhaps the most imaginative touch is the delicate change of colour in the animation as the movie progresses. The girl commences with the watercolour of her hair very diluted indeed. As her friendship blossoms and her days are filled her hair becomes a feast of golden, dancing ringlets. There is so much invention in this delightful movie. The dialogue in the movie is sparse and my schoolboy French rose to the challenge. Sabine's website ( is also a treat and you will enjoy her illustrations. You can also download two movies : "La révolte des haricots rouges" and "The Loving Planet". The first is about the adventures of a white kitten and some revolting red beans, the second has a spaceboy being caressed by a planet. They are both excellent. But "Petit à petit" is something else. Sabine works for the film company 2 Minutes. Such talent and one of the very best movies I have seen this year. Une joie absolue!

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