Monday, 18 June 2007

Sergei Aniskov "Panic Attack"

Sergei Aniskov's flash animation "Panic Attack" available at his own website ( has been gripping our students almost ever since it was created in 2003. It is a fast-moving animation about a boy who suffers a panic attack on a train and then lives through a nightmarish bout of horrors that mirror the pace of the train as scenery shoots past and he is attacked by a rook and a fighter aircraft. Or he thinks he is. A resident in Moscow, Sergei has also lived in New York. I do hope he is still animating because his site has only work created up to 2003. I also like the "CCCP Vs. St.Valentina" and "The Boatman's Call Remix". In the latter the roving sailor has a duty in port from which he is unable to escape. It is drawn in an idiosyncratic style I find most compelling. Indeed I prefer his 2D to his 3D efforts such as the wittily named "Deja Moo". I'll have to contact him and see what he is up to.

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relaxv said...

great! like it.