Friday, 29 June 2007

Sherbet's Candy Guard, Voice of Reason & Laurie J Proud, Coca Cola Light

Kathy Burke is one of the UK's strongest character actresses with a very distinctive voice and here it is put to good use as the character Nesta for Ski Yoghurt. The ad, Voice of Reason, for Nestle by Ogilvy & Mather is simply drawn against a white background into which colours for the fruit flavourings are only added towards the close. Nesta is a real moaner and a distinctive character: voice and animation in perfect sympathy. There is a clutch of similar animations by their creator Candy Guard. I shall have to explore the site more with my class. Or perhaps try this very short but utterly cool cafe for Coca Cola Light with glamorous young people in red and black. The animator here was Laurie J Proud. Again his work portfolio is large and impressive. The studio is Sherbet and I will return. Judging by the personal success of their core staff in winning awards this is an exciting team.
In the meantime I have a lot of work to post on our website including two interviews, lots of animations and movies of the week. Sadly however our server is situated in the basement of a flooded office in Scunthorpe and the internet at school is a distant memory.

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