Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Visioni Animate 2005

"John The Brave" by Andrea Castellani is just one of a number of short but imaginative flash animations from Visioni Animate 2005 . (I know I'm over a year late but I've only discovered them.) There's also a 2004 festival but I have been unable to discover last year's. So 2005 it is then. John (the brave) is willing to take on the fierce lion for the prize, not that it exactly works out as he anticipated. With teacher's hat on I must point to the use of the split screen, often used in film but not in my students' animations. Sadly Andrea was only sixth in the competition (but read on.) "Losers" by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini actually won the festival prize and the game. Soccer is big in my class and Cosimo's animation is big on socccer. Per un pugno di... by Andrea Castellani has a manic frog and some rather nice tints of pink and red in the colour scheme. Enjoy, belatedly, the festival whilst it is still on-line.

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