Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Animated Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo DaVinci is almost as famous as many of the animators I feature here in the blog! Sadly however, for all his inventiveness, he was unable to master the mysteries of animation. (This is not strictly accurate of course as many of the stages of movement and such are in the original drawings.) For the V&A's exhibition of his work they have commissioned some pretty clever animations of his experiments and art. Human Figures in Motion, for instance, shows the pages of his book come alive and figures walk and work. The Vitruvian Man animation demonstrates his work on human proportions. Rays of Light is, if anything, even more inventive as Da Vinci shows the effect of light striking the face from different angles. But for me the most gripping and the most telling movements are those recreating the war machines of Da Vinci's prophetic imagination in Warfare, as huge tanks prove invincible on the battlefield, way before the 20th Century saw these creatures dominate the ground. For the animation work V&A pay tribute to Cosgrave Hall Films Ltd. These and more are at the Animated Illustrations section of a museum to be proud of and a national treasure.

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