Friday, 6 July 2007

Bruno Bozzetto - Flash animations

Bruno Bozzetto is as much the master of the short Flash comedy genre as he is of satirical cartoons and animation generally. He was recommended to me by Davide Ragona and Davide Saraceno and it was then I realised he was the creator of the very funny Mr Rossi series of the 1960s and '70s, samples of which can be viewed here together with a very full description of the series from 1960-1964. The flat headed and often boater clad Mr Rossi gets into all sorts of situations when camping or at the seaside. I was however unfamiliar with Bruno's later work in Flash. These animations are often a series of short visual gags strung together. Take Yes & No for example. The drawings in these flash animations are simple. We look down on the highway and Bruno takes us through a series of road incidents involving squares and rectangles moving along the highway. There is a right way and a wrong way of doing things and I challenge you not to laugh out loud at the wrong way. Mister Otto in 17 is another typical example of his humour as Mister Otto goes about his everyday business and suffers 17 incidents, mostly very dangerous: Otto places coin after coin into the dispenser but nothing happens until he shakes it! For for those keen on history but have little time: THE WORLD'S HISTORY FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN A HURRY. Perhaps you are intending purchasing your own apartment? Watch apartment living and be warned. There are four instalments in the soap Tony and Maria. I particularly enjoyed the Horror episode. Meanwhile Adam is abandoned on an alien planet although he does have an emergency button he can press for a friendly flying saucer. How did his planet get to be inhabited? All these and very much more at his hugely impressive home site:

Born in Milan in 1938 Bruno is a one of the foremost figures in Italian, and indeed international, animation and has received many awards and honours. His 2002 major animation feature Mammuk shows what he can do on the grand scale. I intend to feature his 1999 "Grasshopper" as one of the classic animations sometime soon.

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