Monday, 16 July 2007

Dano Johnson & New York Dolls "Dance Like a Monkey"

The winner of the Bradford Animation Festival's 2006 Best Music Video is this infectious New York Dolls piece, "Dance Like a Monkey". Set in something like the National History Museum's dinosaur area (where the beasts live again) the video is an infectious mix of cavorting monkeys and the beasts of the jungle reliving the whole evolutionary cycle with gusto. Dano Johnson uses wit (the monkeys use bananas as microphones) and lends an already rousing song added impact with his skilled animation. Based in Austin, Texas, Dano has his own promotional reel available and viewed in conjunction with his animation work for the feature movie "Flatland" (see the trailer) it can be seen that here is a major commercial talent. "Dance Like a Monkey" may be viewed in a slightly reduced form at his company site Collection Agency Films or in full on YouTube.

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Dano said...

Thanks for the kind words! Everyone at Collection Agency Films is very honored and flattered! I'm hoping Flatland: the Movie can premiere at the Bradford Animation Festival this year! I submitted it but haven't heard back yet. Thanks again and cheers!
- Dano