Monday, 2 July 2007

Darren Price and Ben Cowell "Show and Tell"

Earl Parker is forced by the brutish Miss Beagle to deliver “Show and Tell” to his bored and intimidating classmates. He is a shy individual and easy meat for Big Baxter the Bully and the rest of the mob. "This was the moment he had dreaded all week." How the class hoot with derision when he proceeds to tell them about the things he has discovered on his lonely travels and brought into school. Out of his bag emerge shiny stones, boot, fossil, cactus and a rusty spring from his bed. The poor lad is drenched in sweat. He even resorts to juggling with his treasures. To no avail. Earl is dead meat unless ..... And it is how Earl the timid schoolboy manages to extricate himself from this mess that forms the basis of this wickedly humorous tale. This is animation at its finest by Darren Price and Ben Cowell. My heading attributes the work to the two animators though they are part of a team. It is beautifully written by Bradley Trevor Greive and Sandra Walters in rhyming couplets allowing the ripe voice of Lee Perry to ham it all up, particularly the teacher. It is also a tribute to the producer Sandra Walters and director Mark Gravas (for the Australian kapowpictures.) The animation delights. The classroom with its towering perspective looming over Earl as he ventures to the top, there's the glow of red as he opens his bag to yet more treasures, the bat cave. You can almost feel the clammy fur of the long dead rat. But, I give too much away. Gosh this is good. Created in 2002 you just know why Darren went on to sell me a Honda!

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