Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Lynn Fox & Björk "Home My Sweet Home" & Audi 5

Unravel is a lovely atmospheric piece by Lynn Fox for Björk. It has a stream of white lines flowing through the air and gradually we realise they are emanating from the singer. Björk is always the most visual of artists and, for example, her braded hair is arranged with matching cream lines. As ever I am grateful to the link provided by No Fat Clips. However a bit of digging around and I discover (because the streams reminded me of something) Lynn created, alongside her Mill 3D team, that magical commercial for the Audi 5 about which I wrote on Monday 28th May . The links between the two commercials are uncanny, separated only by a couple of years or so. The best ideas are reworked and we're all into recycling these days. Look at this explanation and description Lynn provides for another of Björk's songs, Oceania.

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