Thursday, 12 July 2007

Mario Cavalli & Ashley Potter "Care Packages" Sundae Club

The charity international aid organisation Care was founded in 1946 to send relief packages of food to war torn Europe. To commemorate their sixtieth birthday they commissioned BBDO Campaign, Berlin, to prepare a promotional video. The result is this musical video directed by Mario Cavalli and designed by Ashley Potter. It is a soft and sentimental animation accompanied by the gentle "Constant Raincheck" by Sundae Club. The artwork is softly focussed and gentle on the eye. It commences with an affluent country home in the USA, toys are packaged and join a stream of others floating towards a ship. Ships deliver packages to the elderly, food crops to Africa and toys to needy children. In one charming scene the African child throws a package into the air which transforms into the original teddy bear wrapped by the child at the outset of the video, the teddy swirls through the heavens to be picked up by the original donator. Lovely music, textured colours, nice people: a feel-good movie par excellence. Ashley Potter and Mario Cavalli are both founder directors of the London based Colony Media Both are very experienced and have obtained numerous awards for their commercial and private work and I will, as so often, be revisiting them soon.

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