Friday, 13 July 2007

"The Phantom Inventory" Franck Dion

Franck Dion's 2004 movie "L'inventaire Fantôme" is an atmospheric visit to a museum full of items and mementos. It was created using a mixture of stop motion and digital remastering. The plot is basically straightforward: a bailiff visits an old man in a wheelchair intending to make an inventory of his belongings. In the attic he discovers all sorts of objects. This is not, of course, as simple as all that. The attic is a rather frightening world where gargoyles seem to stare at him like some haunted Gothic waxworks. The dialogue is in French although there is little impediment for English speaking viewers. You can download the movie at the official website though my computer would not play due to incompatability with the DIVX code. (The inevitable YouTube copy worked very well however.) I have to say though that the flash based and slick website also had detailed information about the production and lots of images and things - though I just felt the download speed was a little tedious. AnimWatch has an interesting if short interview with the director.

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