Friday, 6 July 2007

"A Place to Crash" & "Me and My Monkey" Robbie Williams & Steve Edge

Robbie Williams has never been a particular favourite of mine which is why the track A Place to Crash from the album Intensive Care is new to me. It is rather good especially in conjunction with Steve Edge's witty animation about a guy who frees a number of monkees and then proceeds to live the high life. One of my favourite drop-in places Sumo Dojo is the place to go to view this. However there is a second movie by the pair though, as usual, this time the animated Me and My Monkey is posted on the ubiquitous YouTube. Steve is very accomplished and professional. I was surprised to read that he is only 20 and studying at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. Two first rate commercial music videos isn't bad and suggests Steve will pass his degree.

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