Friday, 20 July 2007

Sumito Sakakibara "Kamiya's Correspondence"

"Kamiya's Correspondence" by Sumito Sakakibara is a seven minute movie in which a young Japanese girl writes about her family. In fact what she writes about and what we see are quite mundane and that's the special quality because we obtain a young person's point of view without the drama and in so doing obtain a genuine perspective on Japanese family life. The muted colours of the animation and the detailed drawing of the landscape and houses are first rate. It won the Joint Grand Prize of the IMAF 2005 awards and was the winner of the Student Animation for Adults category. The judges remarked that it was "A revelation. Beautifully coloured, peaceful and emotionally measured, it was the work of a very fine artist and the unanimous choice to share the Grand Prize.” Sumito studied at the Royal College of Arts but comes from Japan. He is an exceptional talent and worthy of the last day of the school term. "Kamiya's Correspondence" can be viewed at the BBC Film Network or YouTube.

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