Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Cédric Babouche "Imago"

"Imago" directed by Cédric Babouche is a sentimental, beautifully composed movie about how eight year old Antoine comes to terms with the death of his father in an air crash. In a wonderfully presented dream sequence he flies alongside his father, in ecstacy and terror as a storm gathers. Dream and reality are merged and the movie takes on an allegorical quality as the boy grows to manhood, child becomes grandfather. It is drawn in ink overlaid onto rather romantic watercolour backdrops of soft rose and olive tones. Some of the scenes are quite lovely with the woods, coastline cliffs and sky. There is also a marvellous sequence in which we are taken through the key moments in life. Add to this a touching final scene with old man and boy, and it is a treat bringing out the great softie in me. The music by Thierry Malet certainly complements the mix, buiding up the pathos, heightening the emotion; it's all professional stuff.
I can see a great similarity to Little Red Plane and, indeed, something of Father and Daughter in both style and substance. Graduating with his first degree in 1998 Cédric currently teaches animation at the école Émile Cohl. You perhaps can purchase the DVD here though in the meantime, surprise surprise, YouTube has had a copy posted.

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