Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hyung-Yun Chang "Wolf Daddy"

"Wolf Daddy" is a funny movie with genuinely laugh out loud moments together with a stream of witty, unexpected events. A white wolf has enjoyed the critical commendation he has received for his writing that "throws out the prejudice that wolves can't write" and is looking forward to the next great novel. Unfortunately he is disturbed by a visitor who appears to know him and offloads a perfect little girl of six, Young-hee, into his care. Though greatly surprised he invites the young girl into his house and turns out to be a dutiful "father", so much so that other waifs and strays are deposited at his door. But it is Young-hee who is his main charge. He is still a wolf of course with a wolf's appetite. I won't spoil one of the funniest moments in the movie but just ask yourself: what might a wolf have in the fridge for lunch? Hyung-Yun Chang's film lasts for over 9 minutes and never palls. The artwork is perfect and the narration calm and understated. Hyung-Yun Chang graduated in Animation at Korean Academy of Film Arts in, I think, 2003. "Wolf Daddy" won the Hiroshima Prize in 2006. Sadly I am unable to work out where to find the DVD though as usual there is a good version available on YouTube. It is also much featured at festivals.

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