Monday, 6 August 2007

Jakub Pistecky "Maly Milos"

The 1999 movie "Maly Milos" was Jakub Pistecky's graduation film for the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, although his birthplace is the Czech Republic. It is a short, 3 minute movie about a little man suffering the tyranny of his huge wife, Babka. Milosh is late for dinner because he has the temerity to chat to his friend, the family goat. Both suffer from Babka's tongue lashing but things rapidly get out of hand when the goat eats Babka's coat. That's it - the tyranny escalates from tongue to actual lashing. When Babka determines on making the punishment even more severe the worm turns; Milosh, the downtrodden husband, finds a way out of the situation. Violin, accordian and drums evoke something of Eastern Europe and another key feature is the gentle narration by Alex Williams, and the verse: "She persuaded Little Milosh to come inside and see/a special something she had for him, a little something on her knee." Remember, Babka is not a nice lady! The computer generated animation is, to an extent, 3D though the backgrounds are flat, and the colours soft and muted. Jakub has obviously found work in special effects in the movie industry - and I noted his name on the animation credits for "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" as well as "Pirates of the Caribbean". You can see the animation on a lovely 2004 animation compilation, Spike and Mike's Cutting Edge Classics , which has other movies I intend to feature on the blog. If you can't afford the $17.99 you can see an admittedly not quite top notch copy courtesy of the indefatigable YouTube.

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