Thursday, 2 August 2007

Meghana Bisineer "A Journey Across Grandmother"

I have been keen to see Meghana Bisineer's five minute animation A Journey Across Grandmother for some time. It has featured in some of the international festivals but I have been unable to locate a copy. Meghana originally created her movie in 2005 and graduated from the Royal College of Art here in the UK in 2006. Perhaps it was the enigmatic title and a guess about the content that attracted me. My guess proved correct and this wonderful movie is a touching treatment of a young girl's relationship with her ailing grandmother. Beautifully drawn by hand in ink it has a confident, sparse quality about it. The bed is a landscape with single lines for the horizon, the girl a simple figure in a sense like a child's drawing, the grandmother all rounded as she lies amidst the bedding. Then there are the sad moments: the sympathetic smile and touch of the old lady, the huge and empty bed. I also like the apt images - the boat, the extended hand, the tiny child standing by the huge telephone. It is better than I could have hoped. The inevitable copy on YouTube is sufficiently good quality to enjoy but follow the first link and you will discover a much better copy on her revamped website. Another place to visit might be the website of Ian Mackinnon, who obtained a credit in the movie and whose co-production with Meghana for E4 is a short commercial, "Grid", that is rather modern and a complete contrast to the 2005 work. I will report on Ian's work soon.

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