Saturday, 25 August 2007

Meghana Bisineer "A Journey Across Grandmother" & "Moments of I don't know"

I have written recently about Meghana Bisineer's A Journey Across Grandmother. At that time I pointed to a copy uploaded to YouTube. I always give a health warning with YouTube. What you get there is not always the best quality and it is desirable to obtain a more legitimate, best version. This is the case with Meghana's work. Having now seen the original on DVD there is a world of difference. For a start the clarity is so much better, the line drawings standing out bold against the canvas. There is music in the YouTube version whilst the original has a rather more subtle sighs and breathing soundtrack by Andre Reivo. To date the only opportunity to view Meghana's intended version of her film is via the festival circuit; this also applies to her later work, "Moments of I don't know". The film is a study of a relationship, a dialogue of questions, brief responses, silences set atop an exquisite musical background of a solitary cello, courtesy Hannah Marshall. Drawn simply in pencil on paper, usually in black but with soft pastel shading to lend warmth, there is a tenderness about the film caught in such moments as the touch on the arm as the two gaze into space, or the girl blowing the early morning face of her partner and the stubble floating into the air like thistledown. The couple's voices are provided by James Doherty and Isabel Brook who lend a natural, convincing quality. I have Meghana's reel of work and will post updates as her commercial work becomes available. It's too late now but her two films have just been featured at the very popular London International Film Festival. Had I attended to my inbox I might have been able to attend! Her latest project is working on the "The Accident" directed by Sarah Nesteruk to be broadcast on Channel 4 shortly. I'll post details here as I have them.

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