Sunday, 26 August 2007

Michael Lansdell “Leaving Nowhere”

Leaving Nowhere by Michael Lansdell is a tenderly told fable in which two children, a boy and girl, born into slavery and drudgery flee to the forbidden tower and find a kind of escape. The symbol or metaphor of the birds who enjoy a freedom the teenagers do not is placed before us at the outset and throughout the narrative this comparison is always present; even at the end. “Leaving Nowhere” is a lovely film with a distinctive sense of romance. I also greatly enjoyed Michael’s "The Boy With The Hole In His Head" featured elsewhere here and I’m glad he drew attention to other work showcased at At over 4 minutes “Leaving Nowhere” is the major work though I also liked the slighter “Moth Exodus” and there are other pieces too. Michael works in 2D monochrome and has a distinctive style with economically drawn figures and soft, artfully shaded backgrounds and detail. The composition of the string music by Richard Taylor (who also contributed some lovely guitar work for "Moth Exodus") suits the film perfectly with a repetitive melody that brings out the pathos and romance of the situation and is played with feeling by Ellie Buckland, Gemma Padley, Poppy Whitfield and Adam Backhouse. I really think Michael has a big future in the industry. He has talent as, by the way, does Richard.

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Michael said...

A friend pointed me in the way of this, I'm very happy to see that people are enjoying my films. Thank you for your kind words!