Friday, 3 August 2007

Michaela Pavlátová "Repeat"

Michaela Pavlátová has achieved festival success way beyond her native Czech Republic. It was a delight to discover her excellent 1995 "Repeat" is available on the web to view. "Repeat" is shown at viddler. This is one of the classic animations of the 1990s with its surreal tale of the struggle between the sexes. All the strains as well as the closeness of relationships are shown, the title referring to the repetition of the tensions throughout our lives. It also reveals the role the woman plays in a marriage and the need, though often not communicated properly, of the man for this companionship and support. I can't say the man comes out well in this philosophical study. Michaela's drawing ability is supreme and her figures, stylish soft pencil or pastel portaits, are works of art in themselves. She also adds colour in sumptious oranges or blues as appropriate. This is art of the most supreme quality as well as a sharp and original mind. Her earlier and much shorter (3 minutes) "Etuda Z Alba" explores something of the same theme with a communication breakdown between husband and wife solved in an age-old manner by the woman. And you do not need to speak Czech to understand the movie. It is posted on YouTube. However as ever with these sites there is a health warning. It's better to see the full quality in DVD form, so visit where there are links to work dated as far back as 1991. This is her Oscar nominated "Words, words, words". I have tried and failed to recommend an easily available DVD of her work.

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