Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Pjotr Sapegin "One Day a Man Bought a House"

Available from the excellent MilkandCookies site is Pjotr Sapegin's "One Day a Man Bought a House" that I must confess I had my doubts abour prior to viewing. Any person with a rat in the house is hardly likely to fall in love with the thing. But this is exactly what occurs in Pjotr's 1998 movie about a bachelor who purchases a house only to discover that he has an univited tenant. Despite several attempts to rid himself of the over-sized beast an impossible relationship develops. It features a tongue-in-cheek narration (and fabulous voice of Odd Børretzen) in which the implausiblity of the situation is accepted as one of those things that happens in our world. The movie will not change my view of rats though this has a lesson to teach us about true love. It is produced using 35mm film and claymation and, as an ex-set designer for the Bolshoi Ballet, you would expect effective set design for the house and cellars in which the action takes place. Working for his own Norwegian company, Studio Magica, the Moscow born director has produced a string of humorous and idiosyncratic animated movies and he is an occasional judge in festivals all over the world. You can purchase the movie in a compilation I have recommended before, Spike and Mike's Cutting Edge Classics. Plenty of time to enjoy it whilst I am on my holiday.

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