Sunday, 19 August 2007

Tom Robinson "Paradise Lost"& Co-operative Young Film-Makers

I returned from my holiday to a full mailbox and the news that one of my students, Tom Robinson, has had his animation Paradise Lost chosen for screening at the Co-operative Young Film-Makers Festival at the National Media Museum, Bradford, on Friday 12th October at 12.00 noon. This is an excellent piece of work about just what mankind's presence on the planet has wrought. It is imaginative, technically proficient with experimental use of quick fire animation in photography, allied to Tom's own talented drawings and just about the best animated dinosaurs you're likely to see (in Flash animation anyway.) This is a super movie, well deserving of accolades and Tom's a great student to teach. It is also a big screen movie if I have ever seen one. So if he reads this before I obtain his email he should contact me for details. In the meantime I've been sent quite a bit to view including some outstanding work from the hugely talented Meghana Bisineer. I plan a study of Bill Plympton's earler animation work and Rogue Farm, a Scottish animation that shows how the animator can use YouTube to advantage - I'm quite keen to explore this!

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