Saturday, 4 August 2007

An Vrombaut "Little Wolf"

An Vrombaut's "Little Wolf" was her graduation piece from London's Royal College of Art in 1992; she had already obtained a degree at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Gent (Belgium). It is a remarkable animation and signals her present career in children's animation and publishing. Indeed in her school visits around the UK she demonstrates her techniques using this animation and her equally successful 'When I grow up I want to be a tiger'. However it is "Little Wolf" that is the subject of this post and what a delight it is. The backdrop to the movie is a romantic, moonlit rural scene with four adult wolves and one little wolf chasing a remarkably nimble and clever sheep. The sheep leads them a merry dance so when the moon comes out the five exhausted creatures howl away. This is a heavenly moment as, one after another, they howl into the moonlight. Little Wolf is a little too taken up by the howling and becomes rather attracted to the moon. The remainder of the movie is given over to the four adults attempting to rescue their tiny cub from his precarious position hanging in the sky. The sheep, of course, does his or her best to help. The colours of the movie are enchanting, with the yellows of the moon, stars and wolves set against a dark sky and landscape. Then there is the sheer joy of the movement as the wolves chase the sheep, pile upon each other like acrobats, or bounce on a trampoline to rescue Little Wolf. Then there is the warm humour of it all. Moments make you laugh aloud. Gorgeous stuff. If you are would like to read about the 3000 drawings that were required to complete the animation click the link. Should you wish to purchase the DVD you can obtain it from the BFI here in a compilation of various films for young children. If you are interested in An's many marvellous books for children they are available from Amazon. You might also have caught her ’64 Zoo Lane’ on BBC's Cbeebies. As ever, YouTube has a voracious appetite for movies as good as "Little Wolf"!

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