Sunday, 9 September 2007

Avi Ofer "Autofoto", "Sandbox" & "Tulik"

Avi Ofer's "Autofoto" was made in 2001 and is only 2.5 minutes in length. It is a cute tale of a guy who wanders into a shopping mall photograph kiosk intent on taking some self-portraits. Suddenly the first strip of prints appears and the background is a beach. He looks around him, can't see anything, and then places more money in the slot to see what happens. The Flash movie is simply but effectively draw by hand chiefly in black though the sparing use of colour is arresting. (For example look at the nice touch with the blue balloon linking the start and end.) The Israeli based animator, photographer and artist has posted three movies on his website which contains some remarkable work other than his films - such as these posters. Yossi Yampel composed the easy on the ear music and Ely Zak plays it on acoustic guitar. Avi's other movie "Sandbox" produced in 2006 has a similar style and features a playground where a little boy and girl have a bit of a problem with a low flying aircraft. Yossi Yampel plays a cheerful melody on synthesiser to add more than a touch of warmth to proceedings. Avi's third movie, "Tulik", again is in Flash though this time the colours are vivid as the boy sits on the beach and discovers the way to a lady's heart is to provide her with fruit. Simple really. You can view the movies at the films section of Avi's excellent website.

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