Friday, 28 September 2007

Blu Sketch Notebook

Today's animation is a rather fascinating if unusual one. Blu is an Italian site featuring sketches, wall art and animations collected in a notebook, using Flash to manoeuvre around. The work of a community of artists it has archives going back to 2000 and earlier. The work is almost universally off-beat. Walls are featured from Bologna, London, Buenos Aires and Berlin plus varied other few locations. The sketches are extravagant, though manifestly the work of talented artists - energetic too as some of the walls are large. It's a fun voyage through the sketchbook with lashings of content. There are only a few animations but they are good. Try ffwd, a flip book style piece in which a jar has its contents spilled causing a transformation leading to a huge amphibian walking from the sea. I'm no lover of graffiti at all; this however is art!

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