Saturday, 15 September 2007

Jimmy Liao, C. Jay Shih, Alan Tuan and Poliang Lin "A Fish With A Smile"

A Fish With A Smile by Jimmy Liao must be one of the happiest movies I have featured this year. It is perfect. The concept is simple enough. A man passes a pet shop featuring the biggest shop window aquarium I've ever seen. His attention is taken by one particular fish that appears to be mutually attracted to him. A series of encounters occur, each one utterly charming, until the guy purchases the fish and takes it home in a glass bowl. I won't divulge anything else though it has some of the most charming scenes imaginable (swimming, walking through a city at night, reliving childhood) and a constant wit that envigorates the movie and sustains interest throughout its 10 minutes or so. It is based on Jimmy's original short story "A fish that smiled at me". Two things drew me to the movie: one was the title which is kind of cute, the second was a still from the movie for a festival showing the guy in his bath with the fish in its bowl beside him. The animation is impressively drawn, full of colour and embued with great warmth, the atmosphere enhanced given a musical score by Chien-Chi Chen. Animation was by Liya Huang, Hong Mou Lin and their team. They used Maya, After Effects and Photoshop with 2D for the characters and 3D for the backgrounds. Jimmy was the executive producer for the project with directors C. Jay Shih, Alan Tuan and Poliang Lin - though the whole ODD Incredible Inc. production team seem to have been involved (as documented in a case study for Wakum.) The DVD can be shipped from Asia here and it is posted on YouTube. Jimmy is a very well known illustrator and author in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian, I loved this short film A Fish with a Smile. Would you know anything about the soundtrack? The band or the singer?

dang said...

I wanna know too!!!!
Could you find the soundtrack? :(