Sunday, 16 September 2007

Florian Thouret "Le Moulin"

Le Moulin (The Mill) by 26 year old Florian Thouret has a novel premise. A seemingly idyllic island community is held in thrall by a towering windmill. The rhythms and movements of life are dictated by the whirr of the blades and the turn of the cogs. It has a cliff-hanger of an ending! The opening is also pretty impressive as we see a quintessential fishing vessel complete with bearded skipper and seagull; the bird moves but the man does not. Produced in 2005 at the remarkable École Émilie Cohl, the ten minute film formed Florian's graduation project. The artwork and animation are professional, with bright, continental colours. The ending is most satisfying and unexpected. Florian has been lucky with his choice of musician because Nadege Feyritt's piano work is lovely. Similar praise should be bestowed on his Trio Manouche, the musicians for the second movie he has chosen to place on YouTube; much shorter than Le Moulin at only 2.5 minutes, La vie est un jeu d'enfants..., is perhaps a salutary tale about the dangers of school romances. Pleasant enough but first go to YouTube to discover about the dangers of relying too much on windpower.

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