Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Giuliano Parodi "Shoa"

Shoa by Giuliano Parodi is a Flash animation about the Holocaust. I have used it extensively in school. Indeed I have written quite detailed class notes about it. "Shoa" is Hebrew for "calamity". In a simply executed movie Giulinao lays bare the sheer horror of the Holocaust through the eyes of a small boy. The animation may be simple enough but it is wonderfully designed from its opening as the boy plays with his paper plane in the clear blue sky to the end as the plane again emerges to gel the parts together. The dark shapes of the bombers, the gates of Auschwitz with its infamous "Work Makes Free", the caricature of Hitler and the smoke from the gas chambers make for powerful images though through it all an indomitable spirit survives and triumphs. I like this movie very much although sadly I know little about the director. I shall have to make some further enquiries!

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