Sunday, 2 September 2007

Gregory Neri "A Picasso on the Beach"

Gregory Neri created and drew the quirky "A Picasso on the Beach" in 1988 yet it is as fresh and watchable as if it were new. Imagine you were sunbathing on an empty beach and Pablo Picasso passed by just long enough to make a drawing in the sand and sign it indisputably "Picasso". What would you do? Well you might just wonder where this empty beach was because I've failed to discover it lately. However the $$$$ signs might just start to spring to mind and in Greg's sunbather this is exactly what occurs. His mind goes through the whole gamut of pecuniary possibilities. Of course what goes out also comes in as Canute discovered. However the movie sustains our interest and at this point we are actually only halfway through. It is drawn in a minimalist fashion yet one that is admirably in keeping with the spirit of the great Spanish artist. The music, half jazz/half melody, is excellent by Chick Corea. You can view the whole thing at 41 year old Greg’s MySpace site (which makes him a very young man when he produced his movie at the University of California.) There is also a YouTube video posted, I think, by Greg himself. This is the only animation I have seen by Greg which is a great shame because he has a delicious touch. He does however write pretty prolifically and well. However the great man died in 1973 so don't go sunbathing in hope. Oh and if you enjoyed the music half so well as I did go to the official website of Chick Corea where you can listen to his music as I am doing at this moment.

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