Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Géza M. Tóth "Maestro"

A mechanical arm pours a glass of something strong for the star performer seated by his dressing table and preparing himself for the grand performance. Maestro is an immaculately produced 5 minute, 3D animation concerning the build up to our opera maestro’s entrance onto the stage. The star warms up his voice in his small changing room as his mechanical dresser prepares him for the role. The voice is good. It deserves a little pampering. The dresser is therefore most attentive, a trifle over-fussy perhaps. Géza M. Tóth’s short movie is one of those films that is entirely spoilt if you know the ending. Think of the movie as a puzzle. Spot the clues because they are there in the narrative. Then when you have seen the movie through watch it again and marvel at Géza's talent in what is a terrific little movie and future classic. The Hungarian animation was short listed for the Oscars in 2006. It can be viewed at

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Pan Szyszek said...

I was surprised at the end of the movie. Pretty nice and funny animation.