Friday, 7 September 2007

Ivan Maximov "5/4" & "From Left to Right"

Ivan Maximov is a teacher, game designer and a master in the art of animation. This first review of his work is his 1990 "5/4" primarily chosen because I am a fan of both him and his chosen soundtrack, the classic Paul Desmond and Dave Brubeck jazz track "Take 5". The action of this 6½ minute eccentric animation takes place almost entirely against the backdrop of a huge wall in front of which, or occasionally inside it, rather odd creatures do rather odd things. They drop objects, pour water, fly, bounce, stroke a cat at the same time as stroking their own head. The music and action are beautifully matched. The colours are bluey grey and a fog seems to flow in and out of the action. Ivan's earlier animation of 1989, "From Left to Right", a movie produced as a student, is more or less as described on the packet, that is a strange procession of weird creatures travel across the screen secreting objects, standing on them, gobbling them up and generally parading for our amusement. The creatures are amazing, sometimes snail-men, bird-men, reptile-men. The action is always ingenious, viewing addictive. I am delighted to link to his website where details can be found and even some of his later full movies may be downloaded: &
I fully intend to explore his work further. You can see these and more at his home website. If the links to his website fail view the animations here: "5/4" & “From Left to Right"

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