Friday, 21 September 2007

John Wilson & Joni Mitchell "Both Sides Now"

Today's movie is a special one because it concerns my favourite musical artist plus the man who made the very first computer designed animation for a musical track. Both Sides Now is not my favourite track by Joni Mitchell, nor is this my favourite animation. However John Wilson created a first here. The early 1970s were early days for computers and John's animation can now be viewed as a trail-blazer. He is credited with being the father of the conceptual music video. In this particular example, there's a mixture of jazzed up film photography as well as drawings. The uploaded image gives a taste. Very sixties let alone 70s! John has a very distinguished record as an animator since his entry into the profession in the 1940s. Originally born in Watford he has worked in America (including a spell with Disney) and Australia as well as here in the UK. He lives in the North West of England so he is no mean judge of location either (my birthplace.) His company Fine Arts Films has an excellent website and when you read the credits you can only marvel at his output and creative energy. John was one of the organisers, with the late Dick Arnall, of the first animation festival held in Cambridge in 1967. Tomorrow's movie selection is made up of two music videos, one by John Wilson but this time based on one of my more favoured Joni Mitchell tracks, and another more recent animation of one of her jazz numbers of which I am a very big fan.

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