Friday, 14 September 2007

Julia Pott "My First Crush"

If having over 437,000 viewers this year for an amateur movie on YouTube is anything to go by, 22 year old Kingston University student Julia Pott has struck a chord. Her graduation movie "My First Crush" comprises three and a half minutes of interviews with her friends about their first loves. Julia has stitched together these disarmingly honest observations with animations that are both cute and funny. A charming collection of characters includes a pony, sparrow, dog, shark polar bear, fox and a sea horse. Julia intersperses printed dialogue from the interviews ("Will you sit next to me on the BUS") along with some names of the participants. Music is by Christopher Frost (assisted by Robin Bushell.) Julia herself has placed the video on YouTube and you can visit her at MySpace or pop into her colourful and distinctive website: And if you like skipping or swinging Learn This. But back to My First Crush: "If you're listening to this, Jackie, I'm Steve Bowler ......and I'm still in love with you." Now isn't that something.

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